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The Ailey School Alumni Association

Launched in 2015, The Ailey School Alumni Association (ASAA) offers alumni the opportunity to re-connect with their peers and with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation community through a wide range of activities and events. Benefits of the ASAA include a discounted open class rate, alumni-only master classes, group rate tickets to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's New York seasons, networking and social events, and more.
Below is the growing list of alumni profiles that reflect the eclectic careers and activities our alumni have engaged in. If you are a graduate of one of our Professional Division Programs and would like to be featured on this list, please contact us and let us know what you are up to!

Alumni Overview

Browse by Last Name
Maria Carmen Falivene Certificate Program Salvatore Larussa Dance Theater Maria Carmen Falivene
Jaryd Farcon BFA Program BHdos
Giulia Fedeli Certificate Program Baton Rouge Ballet
Teresa Fellion Certificate Program BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance
Hannah Feltham Certificate Program Universal Studios
Maya Finman-Palmer Certificate Program Certificate Program class of 2022 Maya Finman-Palmer
Emanuele Fiore Certificate Program Freelance Dancer Emanuele Fiore
Julie Fiorenza BFA Program Jessica Lange Dance; Mark Morris Dance Group; Ailey II (2004-2006)
Janel Fitzgerald BFA Program Freelance dancer
Sofia Forero Correa Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Paige Fraser BFA Program The Lion King (national tour)
Fana Fraser BFA Program Camille A. Brown & Dancers; Ailey II (2008-2010)
Cheyenne Freeman Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Hayley Fridenstine Scholarship Program Opus 1 Dance
Andrea Frisano Scholarship Program FKJ Dance
Yu Fujiwara Independent Study Program Pink Pig Ballet; Captive Flow Dance
Patrick Gamble BFA Program Ailey II Patrick Gamble
Talia Gauthier Certificate Program Freelance Dancer Talia Gauthier
Maria Gerasimou Scholarship Program Complexions Contemporary Ballet Maria Gerasimou
Jennifer Gerken BFA Program Freelance Dancer Jennifer Gerken
Larissa Gerszke BFA Program Complexions Contemporary Ballet Larissa Gerszke
Alessandra Giambelli Scholarship Program Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Trainer
Sara Giannini Certificate Program Ikada Dance Company Sara Giannini
Serena Giannini Certificate Program FKJ Dance
Kaila Gibson-Okunieff BFA Program Freelance Dancer Kaila Gibson-Okunieff
Marimba Gold-Watts Scholarship Program The Ailey School Horton Faculty; Ailey II (2003-2005)
Charles Grant Certificate Program Ronald K.Brown EVIDENCE, A Dance Company Charles Grant
Jenna Graves Scholarship Program Complexions Contemporary Ballet; Ailey II (2011-2013)
Brandon Gray Scholarship Program Complexions Contemporary Ballet Brandon Gray
Carly Greene BFA Program Freelance Dancer Carly Greene
Josiah Guitian BFA Program Pascal Rioult Dance Theater
Alonso Guzman Scholarship Program FKJ Dance; Peridance Ensemble
Amanda Haiker Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Nicholas Hall BFA Program Freelance dancer
Manon Hallay Scholarship Program Amanda Selwyn Dance Theater
Mao Hamada Independent Study Program Asha Dance Company
Candice Hamblett-Holdford Certificate Program Dallas Black Dance Theater
Alexander Haquia BFA Program Ballet Hispánico Alexander Haquia
Michael John Harper Certificate Program Random Dance (U.K.)
Sequoia Harris BFA Program Freelance dancer
Rie Hatanaka Independent Study Program Faune Dance Troupe
Helen Hatch BFA Program Minnesota Dance Theater
Hannah Hayward Scholarship Program Freelance dancer Hannah Grace
Courtney Henry BFA Program Alonzo King/LINES Ballet
Tamia Heron-Villaroel Certificate Program Freelance Choreographer Tamia Heron-Villaroel
Tori Hey BFA Program Freelance dancer Tori Hey
Rachel Higbee BFA Program Mystic India: The World Tour
Raymond Hinds BFA Program Graham 2
Demetia Hopkins-Green BFA Program "Oklahoma!" (Broadway); Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (2010 - 2016)
Kile Hotchkiss BFA Program TAKE Dance