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The Ailey School Alumni Association

Launched in 2015, The Ailey School Alumni Association (ASAA) offers alumni the opportunity to re-connect with their peers and with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation community through a wide range of activities and events. Benefits of the ASAA include a discounted open class rate, alumni-only master classes, group rate tickets to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's New York seasons, networking and social events, and more.
Below is the growing list of alumni profiles that reflect the eclectic careers and activities our alumni have engaged in. If you are a graduate of one of our Professional Division Programs and would like to be featured on this list, please contact us and let us know what you are up to!

Alumni Overview

Browse by Last Name
Irene Paci Certificate Program Grazia Capri Dance Company Irene Paci
Jerard Palazo Scholarship Program Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company; Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
Tania Palomeque Guirao Scholarship Program Freelance dancer Tania Palomeque Guirao
Victoria Pantagis BFA Program Freelance Dancer Victoria Pantagis
JoVonna Parks BFA Program Elisa Monte Dance
Marie Lloyd Paspe BFA Program Carolyn Dorfman Dance
Pauline Paul Scholarship Program Pauline Paul Dance
Joseph Luke Paulina Certificate Program Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line
Darrell Payne Certificate Program Freelance musical theater performer
Chloe Payne BFA Program Freelance Dancer Chloe Payne
Alisha Rena Peek BFA Program Ailey II Ailey II's Alisha Rena Peek. Photo by Kyle Froman.
Claire Pennington BFA Program American Swiss Ballet Claire Pennington
Téa Pérez BFA Program Freelance Dancer Tea Perez
Gabriella Perez Certificate Program Freelance dancer Gabriella Perez
Kevin Petite Scholarship Program "The Lion King" (U.S. Tour)
Mollie Petrizzo BFA Program Freelance Dancer Mollie Petrizzo
Nilah Pettus BFA Program Freelance Dancer Nilah Pettus
Philippine Field Certificate Program Freelance Dancer Philippine Field
Giorgia Picano Scholarship Program Freelance Dancer Giorgia Picano
Adrien Picaut Scholarship Program Freelance dancer Ailey II's Adrien Picaut
James A. Pierce III BFA Program Anastasia (on Broadway); The Lion King (on Broadway)
Kafi Pierre Scholarship Program Cirque du Soleil; "Fela!" (on Broadway)
Patrick Piras Scholarship Program Jon Lehrer Dance Company
Marley Poku-Kankam BFA Program Freelance Dancer Marley Poku-Kankam
Tailys Poncione Scholarship Program Kayzer Ballet Tailys Poncione
Dejah Poole Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Eleanor Porr BFA Program Freelance Dancer Eleanor Porr
Brittany Posas Independent Study Program KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre
Roxanne Potes BFA Program Freelance Dancer Roxanne Potes
Benoit Swan Pouffer Scholarship Program Cedar Lake Ballet; Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; Ailey II
Joanna Poz-Molesky BFA Program Juntos Collective (Founder/Artistic Director)
Zion Pradier Certificate Program Dallas Black Dance Theater
Virginia Preston BFA Program "Sousatzka" (Toronto); "Dirty Dancing" (National Tour)
Joelle Preziotti Scholarship Program Danceworks Dance Center
Payton Primer BFA Program Freelance Dancer Peyton Primer
Amanda Quinones-Rohena Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Gwen Rakotovao Independent Study Program Gwen Rakotovao Company (Artistic Director)
Alvon Reed Scholarship Program Cornell College
Alice Regnouf Scholarship Program Ballet Next Alice Regnouf
Danielle Reinstein BFA Program Phantom of the Opera (National Tour)
Or Reitman Independent Study Program Steps Repertory Ensemble
Christopher Renfurm Scholarship Program Ballet Black (Great Britain)
Anwar Reshma Independent Study Program Freelance dancer Anwar Reshma
Ana Sofia Reynoso Certificate Program Freelance dancer Ana Sofia Reynoso
Autumn Robinson BFA Program Freelance Dancer Autumn Robinson
Jeffrey Robert Robinson III Scholarship Program Ailey II Ailey II's Jeffrey Robert Robinson III. Photo by Nir Arieli
Caroline Rocher BFA Program Alonzo King/LINES Ballet
MaryBeth Rodgers BFA Program Freelance Dancer MaryBeth Rodgers
Criss Rodriguez Scholarship Program Nomad Contemporary Ballet; Steps Ensemble
Deidre Rogan BFA Program Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Deidre Rogan