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The Ailey School Alumni Association

Launched in 2015, The Ailey School Alumni Association (ASAA) offers alumni the opportunity to re-connect with their peers and with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation community through a wide range of activities and events. Benefits of the ASAA include a discounted open class rate, alumni-only master classes, group rate tickets to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's New York seasons, networking and social events, and more.
Below is the growing list of alumni profiles that reflect the eclectic careers and activities our alumni have engaged in. If you are a graduate of one of our Professional Division Programs and would like to be featured on this list, please contact us and let us know what you are up to!

Alumni Overview

Browse by Last Name
Alia Kache BFA Program Renegade Performance Group; Ailey II (2004-2006)
Kirsten Keane Certificate Program Freelance dancer Kirsten Keane
Bridget Keenan BFA Program Freelance Dancer Bridget Keenan
Isaac Kerr Certificate Program Jennifer Muller/The Works Isaac Kerr
Carlos Kerr, Jr. BFA Program Metropolitan Opera
Fadi J. Khoury Scholarship Program Elisa Monte Dance; FJK Dance
Rio Kikuchi Scholarship Program Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company Rio Kikuchi
Gyung Moo Kim Certificate Program Fabian Prioville Company (Canada); Gallim Dance
Jane King Scholarship Program Lustig Dance Theater
Samar King BFA Program Yaa Samar! Dance Theater
Meagan King BFA Program Buglisi Dance Theatre; Ailey II
Kiri Moore Certificate Program Freelance Dancer Kiri Moore
Ethan Kirschbaum BFA Program Donlon Dance Company
Malik Shabazz Kitchen Scholarship Program Hamilton: An American Musical (Chicago); Company XIV
Cecile Klaus Certificate Program Miss'ile SkateDance Company Cecile Benlolo
Sydney Klippenstein BFA Program Freelance Dancer Sydney Klippenstein
Amanda Knight BFA Program Freelance Dancer Amanda Knight
Amarachi Valentina Korie BFA Program Ailey II Ailey II's Amarachi Valentina Korie photo by Kyle Froman.
Jhon Kristoffer Independent Study Program Gwen Rakotovao Company
Samuel Kunzman BFA Program Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
Ponpavee Kwunchaithanya BFA Program Freelance Dancer Ponpavee Kwunchaithanya
Mindy Lai BFA Program "The King and I"; Elisa Monte Dance
Andrew Lamar BFA Program Kansas City Ballet
Elijah Lancaster Scholarship Program Ailey II
Willy Laury Scholarship Program The Wrio Production; Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; Ailey II
Faustine Lavie Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Marquet Lee BFA Program Ballett am Rhein (Germany)
Daphne Lee BFA Program Dance Theatre of Harlem; Ailey II
Esther Lee BFA Program Freelance dancer
Molly Levy BFA Program LED; Mook Dance Company
Cassandra Lewis BFA Program Morales Dance
Jacob Lewis BFA Program Ailey II (2015-2017)
Zoe Liebold BFA Program Freelance Dancer Zoe Liebold
Rebecca Light BFA Program JUNTOS Collective
Emerick Ligonde Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Audrey Lipson BFA Program Freelance Dancer Audrey Lipson
Gabriella Lopez BFA Program Freelance Dancer Gabriella Lopez
Devon Louis Scholarship Program Paul Taylor Dance Company
Valerianne Louisy Louis Joseph Certificate Program Ronald K.Brown EVIDENCE, A Dance Company Valerianne Louisy Louis Joseph
Alicia Lundgren BFA Program Dancer/Swing at Shuffle Along on Broadway
Ashley MacArthur Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Allison MacDonald Certificate Program Philadanco!
Maura Alaoui Mackin Certificate Program Freelance dancer
Claudia MacPherson BFA Program Mark Morris Dance Group
Miro Magloire Independent Study Program New Chamber Ballet
Ines Mambou Missoumani Scholarship Program Metropolitan Opera Ines Mambou
Katrina Manansala BFA Program Freelance Dancer Katrina Manansala
Gregory Manning, II Certificate Program The Lion King (Rafiki National Tour)
Kathryn Mantyh BFA Program Freelance Dancer Kathryn Mantyh
Doria Marchena Certificate Program Freelance Dancer Doria Marchena