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Michaella Barron

Freelance Dancer

Michaella Barron was born in Oakland, Michigan. She attended an arts boarding high school at Interlochen Arts Academy where she performed works by Agnes De Mille, Reid Bartleme, Danceworks Chicago, and was selected to perform at Lincoln Center by choreographer Christopher Williams. She attended the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program in Dance as a double major in International Political Economy with a concentration in Italian Language. While living in New York City, she performed works by Manuele Vignoulle, Martha Graham, Jessica Lang, Andrea Miller, Andrea Guajardo, Earl Mosley, Jaclyn Buglisi, Chalvar Monterio, and more! Michaella has also choreographed three staged works as well as various music videos and a musical film. She has worked in the Junior Division at The Ailey School as a teaching assistant, Pointe Academy Dance Center, the JUNTOS Collective, and has developed her own movement practice called Movement Empowerment. Michaella has also co-created the online community platform Artist After Hours based on discovery, curation, versatility, and discussion of the dance field.