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2022-2023 FAQs

To reduce the number of people in the building at one time, parents will not be permitted into the building. Drop off and pick up procedures will be announced at the start of the academic year.

Yes, dressing rooms are located on the PE Level. However, students are prohibited from changing inside the bathroom stalls.

Please contact the advisors over seeing your Level: 

If your child is going to miss class, please fill out the Absence Notification.

Health & Safety Questions:
Please cc:

Questions and information about the program:

Registration assistance:

Payment questions:

To begin the process of enrollment, please visit the First Steps and Bounding Boys Enrollment page.

Class schedules are based on student placement and class levels. Please visit the Curriculum page to find our current class schedule.

Yes. Junior Division Students must attend all of the classes scheduled for their level.

Yes! Because the Junior Division Program is curriculum-based, students must participate in every class assinged to his/her level in order to meet the requirements to advance to the next level.


No, students must participate in the full curriculum of classes assigned to their level. There are no open classes available in the Junior Division.

Hip Hop is not a part of our curriculum. Students interested in Hip Hop classes should contact the Ailey Extension for information on their Teen Extension Hip Hop classes.

Junior Division students may NOT participate in professional level classes, regardless of their years of training or proficiency.

Level placement has been determined based on several factors including, but not limited to, proficiency in ballet and modern, instructor recommendations, and audition panel observation. Previous evaluations and attendance records were also reviewed to determine level placement.

Tuition fees are based on the level and program in which the student is placed. Please visit Tuition & Fees for more details.


The option to request Tuition Assistance is available to continuing students who were enrolled in the previous year and will be enrolling in Level III or higher, can be requested prior to the start of each semester. Awarded Tuition Assistance amounts apply to accounts after the standard minimum enrollment payment is received. Instructions on how to apply are provided during re-enrollment.

Yes, intermediate and advanced students between the ages of 15-17 may audition for merit-based scholarships. Scholarship audition dates and times will be posted on the Audition Calendar or email for more information.


Students are not allowed to sample a class. Anyone participating in Junior Division classes must be enrolled in the Junior Division program.

If a student will be absent from class, it is best that the parent fills out the Absence Notification Form. Students are permitted a 10-minute grace period for lateness. After the grace period elapses, students will not be allowed in the classroom. Please refer to the Junior Division Handbook for the allotted number of absences for each level.

In lieu of traditional academic Report Cards, faculty submit written feedback twice per year to provide a general overview of your child’s progress in class. 

We thank you for your interest in training at The Ailey School. Please reference the Audition Calendar for updates. Inquiries may be directed to

2022-2023 FAQs
2022-2023 FAQs