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3 Reasons to Get Your Kids Moving

Posted April 25, 2023

Dance Squad with Ailey Launches on Noggin by Nick Jr.

Ready to dance it out? The Ailey organization has partnered with Noggin by Nick Jr. for Dance Squad with Ailey, a new streaming series that encourages kids to move their bodies. Ailey instructor Keith Alexander teaches kids the steps to dance routines in a fun, interactive way with help from DJ Rubble from Paw Patrol, Boogie (Noggin’s favorite dancing dino), and Ailey company dancers.

Here are three great reasons to get your kids moving with Dance Squad with Ailey:  

  1. Dance Squad with Ailey is designed to help kids exercise their motor and memory skills. Kids learn hip hop with DJ Rubble and DMC from Run DMC at a big party in the series premiere. Future episodes include lessons in ballet, Horton technique (the basis for Alvin Ailey’s choreographic style), Latin fusion, jazz, and West African.  
  2. Each class features music associated with its themed dance style, making it a great platform to discover diverse cultures. Through tales like Anasi the Spider, which is told in the episode featuring West African dance, kids are taught about different customs and traditions, which helps them develop greater respect for others. 
  3. The series provides a healthy outlet to express feelings through movement. Studies show children who engage in dance improve their confidence and creativity.  

Find Dance Squad with Ailey on beginning May 1, 2023. 

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