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Bennett Rink

Executive Director

Bennett Rink became Executive Director in 2013. Mr. Rink first joined Ailey as Manager of Special Events in 1994, became Development Director in 1998, and then worked as Senior Director of Development and External Affairs from 2007 to 2012. In his tenure overseeing Ailey’s development and fundraising efforts, Mr. Rink led a $75 million capital campaign supporting Ailey’s first permanent home, The Joan Weill Center for Dance, which opened in 2005 and attracts more than 200,000 visitors each year. When the Company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008, Mr. Rink supervised an 18-month celebration, including events, promotions, collaborations, and special performances, bringing public awareness of the Ailey organization to new heights. Mr. Rink also oversaw The Next Step Campaign, which grew the organization’s endowment to $50 million. During his tenure as Executive Director, the Company has deepened its presence in New York City by establishing an annual spring season to complement its New York City Center winter season, while also extending its role as America’s “Cultural Ambassador to the World” with tours to Africa, Europe, and South America. In order to reach audiences beyond live performances, the Company has broadened its commitment to creating film and digital content, including Ailey All Access, an online streaming series featuring full-length works from the repertory, Ailey Extension classes, and other specially created content. Mr. Rink has extended the reach and impact of Ailey’s educational offerings as well, including the creation of new curricula and programs that reach across generations, from elementary school children to senior citizens. To meet the growing demand for its educational offerings, Ailey unveiled the Elaine Wynn and Family Education Wing in 2017, providing much-needed additional studios and classroom space. The building now comprises 87,000 square feet and is the largest destination for dance in New York City. Mr. Rink is a graduate of Syracuse University and holds a BFA in theater.