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Leila Da Rocha


Leila Da Rocha was born in France and became an accomplished athlete at the age of 16 as a part of the French National Basketball Team. A serious injury during a game stopped her sport career. Leila always had passion for movement and music, and she turns her focus to professional dance. For seven years, she studies the history of Sacred Dances and travels the world in order to understand and breathe through the origins of this art. Alongside the pursuit of this new found passion, Da Rocha immerses herself in the teaching and technique of Martha Graham, the seminal figure of Modern dance. With these newly acquired skills, Da Rocha creates and choreographs her first ballet named, “Cadence Couleur” in 1998. The following year, in 1999, she opens her own studio, in Soissons, France. Since this period, Da Rocha has created approximately thirty ballets as a choreographer, and distinguishes herself by installing in her work, a unique artistic expression. In 2005, she meets the renowned former Director and Principal dancer of Paris Opera Ballet, Patrick Dupond. Upon first glance, he immediately embraced her philosophy of teaching, and was overwhelmed by her sense of movement, and breathtaking creativity. Leila Da Rocha is respected and recognized within the dance community for her intensity and extreme creativity.