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Terri Wright


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Get to Know Terri

Terri Ayanna Wright (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an NYC-based dancer, creative, and teaching artist. Terri’s passion for teaching began in high school, when she was prompted to lead community based dance classes as captain of her highschool dance team in Texas. After moving to NYC, Terri continued honing her craft in teaching as a teaching assistant for The Ailey School Junior Division while pursuing her degree in dance through the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program. During her time touring internationally and performing with Ailey II, she was granted the opportunity to teach Horton-based master classes all over the world. Terri continues to teach, choreograph, and perform in various capacities throughout the NYC greater area, most recently performing as an ensemble member of The Met Opera. Moving into her 5th year as a Horton core class instructor for The Ailey Extension, Terri is excited about continuing to grow her Horton dancer community! Terri stands by Mr. Ailey's famous words - "dance came from the people, and should be delivered back to the people."