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Alain "Hurrikane" Lauture


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Get to Know Alain "Hurrikane"

Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and currently residing in NYC, Alain Lauture better known as "Hurrikane'' found high interest in dance in 2007. Being very determined to seek knowledge and training while dancing everyday forced him to grow at an alarming rate. Known in the underground scene for his spontaneous freestyle as a "Locker”, and his versatility as a dancer granted him awards at many competitions & battles including "Juste Debout 2011" and “Locking Forever” during Amsterdam’s Summer Dance Forever Festival 2017 and 2018. Performing for MTV, Samsung, Microsoft, Madonna, and Janet Jackson he now adds to his resume his newfound skill in choreography, with "Motivating Excellence" program training with world renowned choreographer "Rhapsody James." As he steps into the world of creation, cultivation, and direction, Hurrikane is determined to spread light and create magic through his talents as both a dancer and choreographer.