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Celebrating 35 Years of AileyCamp

Posted May 24, 2024

This year, AileyCamp celebrates its 35th anniversary. Our founder, Alvin Ailey, started AileyCamp as a summer day camp for children aged 11–14 in 1989; it was the last initiative he spearheaded for the organization before he passed away. It has since expanded into 10 cities, offering free dance training, creative writing instruction, personal development, and communication workshops to hundreds of children across the country. 

See our campers, instructors, and musicians in action, as we work together to continue expanding AileyCamp and build on Mr. Ailey’s legacy of giving dance back to the people. 


AileyCamp is so much more than a summer dance camp. Through the various classes, our dedicated instructors encourage AileyCampers to nurture their creativity, build their self-confidence, and to discover the tools they need to take care of themselves throughout their lives. 

“The campers inspire me and push me to find new ways to engage them and make their AileyCamp experience more meaningful,” said Nasha Thomas, National Director of AileyCamp and a former dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. 


“Having worked with Mr. Ailey and witnessing firsthand his great generosity to make a connection with everyone he encountered, I'm inspired to do the same.” 


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