Ailey at MMAC

Posted September 2, 2016

Exciting developments are underway at the Ailey Studios! As we begin construction to expand The Joan Weill Center for Dance, some class times and locations will change. Check out our New Fall Schedule to see whether your class will be affected.  

All morning ballet and lunchtime Zumba classes will now be offered at the nearby Manhattan Movement & Arts Center (MMAC) at 248 West 60th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues. Four of our instructors share why they are excited to teach morning ballet and afternoon Zumba at MMAC.



BALLET - 10:30am on Mon, Wed, Fri

I'm so happy to be continuing the Ailey Extension classes at MMAC, where I spend the second half of my day! As Head Faculty for Manhattan Youth Ballet, this is my other 'home.' I am happy that my open class Ailey Extension students will be taking class in a beautiful space. I look forward to continuing to explore and share as we do in each class!



ZUMBA - 12:30pm on Mon, Wed, Fri

As I think about returning to teach next to the original Alvin Ailey Place, I am immediately reminded of my decision to move from Louisiana to study at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center (now The Ailey School). I think of my 9am Graham-based modern class with Denise Jefferson (former director) at 211 West 61st Street. I remember rushing to see Ana Marie Forsythe's (Horton master instructor) advanced Horton class, accompanied by Victor See Yuen (percussionist at Ailey). The energy in that class drove my desire to get to the next level. My memories also take me to Dunham with Joan Peters (former Ailey Company member), which we considered our initiation to training at Ailey. I reflect on the friendships made, my journey, and how each decision led to me teaching for Ailey. I am thankful and quite excited about my Extension Zumba class on Mondays at MMAC. From student to teacher...full circle.
Samuel Salazar (Wednesdays)
It's amazing that Ailey is expanding and getting four brand new studios. I can't wait to see them! I am very patient, so a year will pass pretty quickly, but in the meantime I will make sure my students have fun at MMAC. I’ll create new exciting routines – they always love it when I share new choreography with them. But sometimes I still get nervous over a new routine. I’ll say, “Hey everyone, this is new so bear with me. If I mess it up, I'm going to blame you,” and we all start laughing. So my students and I will enjoy this vacation during the construction. Of course we will miss the Ailey building because that is our home base, but I am confident that we will be comfortable at MMAC. Let's keep dancing!
Sonny Ortiz (Fridays)
I believe that transition and change are some of the most beautiful processes in life, because beauty and strength are birth. This experience will bring us to a new level, new faith, and more hope. My playlist and routines are always set to manifest confidence, empowerment, and sweat! If you want to sweat and feel sexy at the same time, Sonny's Zumba class is the way to go. If you want to have fun, and grown in the process, meet me at MMAC this Friday.

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