Ailey at 60: Inspirations

Posted January 4, 2019

Find out how Ailey inspires Jussie Smollett, Black Thought, Vanessa Williams and Lion Babe.

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“Whenever I come here, I just get happy. I feel a celebratory vibe of our culture that I don’t know I fully get anywhere else.” –Jussie Smollett


“I was first introduced to Alvin Ailey through my mother and my grandmother. I remember, like the whole experience. There were people that I could aspire to be like and there were bodies that look like my body.” - Lion Babe


“I recognize movement as one of the pillars of hip-hop. Movement is language at a visceral level.” -Black Thought


“My battement has become like my trademark, like people flip out if I do it on stage and for me it’s just like, that’s Ailey right there.” – Lion Babe


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