Tara Bellardini

Tara Bellardini (Mine Hill, NJ) trained with East Coast Movement under the direction of Billy Larson. She graduated from Morris County School of Visual and Performing Arts and is a graduate of The Ailey School Certificate Program. Ms. Bellardini has trained in summer intensives at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and performed in the 2013 Cedar Lake Installation Chess. She danced in Alvin Ailey’s Memoria during Ailey’s 2014 and 2015 New York City Center (NYCC) seasons and has worked with choreographers Adam Barruch, Norbert De La Cruz III, Ray Mercer, and Alexandra Damiani. During Ailey’s 2016 NYCC season, Ms. Bellardini performed in Hope Boykin's r-Evolution, Dream. with The Company. This is her second season with Ailey II.


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