Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops and Classes 2014

Professional and Pre-Professional Training (by audition)


The Ailey School Summer Intensive

June 23-August 1
Professional Division (ages 15-25)
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June 30-August 1
Junior Division (ages 11-15)
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West African Dance Performance Workshop

April 25 – June 20
Connect body, mind and spirit with the tradition of West African dance.

Groovefit Bellydance Performance Workshop

April 27 – June 15
Become a Jewel of the Nile in this 8-week performance Middle Eastern dance workshop where we will explore and learn two different styles: Saidi (folkloric music and dance from Upper Egypt) and the Classic Egyptian drum solo.

Samba / Afro Brazilian Performance Workshop

April 27 – June 15
This performance workshop will celebrate the beauty and diversity of Samba and Brazilian dance.

Afro Cuban Modern Dance Performance Workshop

April 29– June 17
Discover Afro-Cuban Modern dance in this 8-week workshop geared for dancers of all ages and levels.

African Dance Performance Workshop with Vado

May 4 - June 5
Vado builds a series of combinations, demonstrating the vibrancy and expressiveness of village life in Ivory Coast.

Masala Bhangra® Performance Workshop

May 14 – June 20
This performance workshop mixes a blend of traditional Bhangra dance steps and the exhilaration of Bollywood moves.

Middle Eastern Dance Performance Workshop

May 17 – June 21
Find the beauty from within and express it through the exotic and sensual art of Middle Eastern dance.

Commercial Dance Workshop for Teens

June 14
This workshop will allow for discovery and understanding of each student's “brand” with a strong emphasis on technique.

Fabrice Herrault Ballet Summer Intensive

August 4 - 15
Renowned ballet instructor Fabrice Herrault and guest teachers present the acclaimed 2-week ballet intensive.

The Ailey Experience 2-Week Workshop

August 4 - 16
An absolutely unique New York experience for dance students ages 12-21.

Kids & Teens Sunday Classes

Hip-Hop 4 Kids Summer Series

June 1 - June 22 & June 29 - July 27
Learn the fundamental hip-hop moves including basic body isolations, precision, performance quality and choreography.

Teen Extension Summer Series

June 1 - June 22 & June 29 - July 27
Ballet, Hip-Hop, or Contemporary Jazz for ages 12-17. No prior experience necessary.

Tiny Steps Summer Series

June 1 - June 22 & June 29 - July 27
A series of music and creative movement classes for children two years of age. These classes celebrate your child’s natural ability to move in an expressive way.

For Dance Teachers

2014 Horton Teacher Workshop

July 7 - 11 (session 1) / July 14 - 18 (session 2)
The Horton Pedagogy Workshop offers instructors the knowledge to train students to use proper body alignment, improve strength, coordination and flexibility as well as the ability to adapt to all styles of dance.

The Fundamentals of Ballet Technique: Teacher & Adult Student Workshop

August 9 - 10
At this workshop, you will learn the "untaught" preparations which can make a world of difference for you and your students.