New This Season

World Premieres

World Premiere by Robert Moses
Moses’ choreography has been described by The Huffington Post as “a visually delicious beast that never comes short of dazzling the senses.” This eagerly-awaited world premiere marks his first collaboration with Ailey.

Company Premieres

Awassa Astrige/Ostrich by Asadata Dafora
With arms flapping like wings, torso rippling and head held high, a warrior is transformed into the proud, powerful ostrich ­— the king of birds.  Sierra Leone-born choreographer Dafora blended his vision of a traditional African dance with Western staging in this groundbreaking 1932 solo set to Carl Riley’s score of African drumming and flute.

New Productions

Polish Pieces by Hans van Manen
In this exuberant ensemble work, Dutch choreographer van Manen displays his mastery for building dazzling creations from simple motifs and geometric patterns. Driven by the rhythms of Henryk Górecki’s score, the dancers come together and disperse in endlessly shifting formations that culminate in two sensual pas de deux

Caught by David Parsons
The dancer in Parsons’ signature work defies gravity as he flies through the air in a breathtaking display of athletic stamina. Strobe lights capture the dancer in more than 100 leaps, suspending him perpetually in mid-motion without ever touching ground.