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Bollywood Meets Bhangra Master Class


Saturday, July 25

Get ready to dance with Nakul Dev Mahajan, Bollywood choreographer on Fox TV's So You Think You Can Dance and Sarina Jain, creator of Masala Bhangra. Nakul will gracefully take you through the classics of Bollywood and Sarina will guide you on a Bhangra journey with a live dhol player.

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About the instructors:

Sarina Jain, America’s first cross-cultural fitness star is the creator of the Masala Bhangra Workout®.She is an energetic fitness innovator, music-video choreographer and international television/radio personality. She hosts her own TV segment on Discovery Channel’s Fit TV and has a show on Exercise TV. Her regular appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, NBC’s The Today Show and other major media have catapulted her to fame across mainstream America, and solidified her place as “Jane Fonda” of India. Jain is also the new face for Nestle Fitness throughout Latin America, where 2.6 million cereal boxes include her “Masala Bhangra Workout® Bollywood Style” DVD.

Although India’s glitzy Bollywood films have featured Bhangra and other folk-dances and music for awhile (think: diaphanous orange scarves; glittering bindis; and wrists swiveling towards the heavens), it took a vivacious, young Indian-American fitness instructor to devise the concept of choreographing Bhangra along with modern, funky dance moves to appeal to the American exercise industry. In the process, Jain has impacted the entire fitness industry, and has been heralded in the press throughout the U.S. and the world.

Jain introduced her Bhangra/Bollywood-style fitness routine to the U.S. with her first workout tape in 1999, and has since directed and produced a total of eight high-intensity workouts in her Masala Bhangra Workout® video/DVD series. Born in California, she started leading fitness classes at a very young age, and has been a certified fitness instructor for more than 19 years plus. She completed studies in marketing and public relations in Los Angeles, before founding her company, Masala Dance & Fitness, Inc. in 1999. She soon relocated to New York where she successfully cultivated a larger audience for her cross-cultural fitness ideas.

Jain proudly embraces her Indian heritage, and is an active member of the Indian-American community. “People fall in love with the beat of Bhangra,” Jain says, “the music combined with its sensuous, vigorous movements recreates the excitement that an occasion is being celebrated. People have so much fun; they don’t realize they are getting an awesome cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening workout. Bringing the Masala Bhangra Workout® to people all over the world is so gratifying—I am absolutely living my dream.”

Nakul Dev Mahajan is known as "Hollywood's Favorite Bollywood Choreographer." He opened the first Bollywood Dance Company and School in the United States, NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and Studios Inc. Since its opening, NDM Bollywood Dance has been the "Leading Authority on the Art of Bollywood Dancing." Nakul is best credited for his work on "So You Think You Dance," A.R. Rahman Jai Ho World Tour, Miss America (Nina Davuluri) talent segment and bringing Bollywood to the White House with Michelle Obama.


10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Master Class Fee

$30/person ($25 before 7/18)

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