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Beginner Horton class is to learn the basic fundamentals of the Horton technique at the beginner pace. In this class you will gain the opportunity to not only study the Horton technique, but perfect it using the fundamentals including flat backs, primitive squat, lateral stretches, release swings, leg swings, deep lunges, and T positions. The class will consist of studies to stretch and strengthen different areas of the body. Many of the beginning level studies which are taught will focus on the Achilles tendon, the abdominal muscles, and movements that lengthen the spine and the hamstring muscles. Simple combinations of movements that include turns and jumps are taught to introduce musicality and dynamics to the beginning dancer's vocabulary.

Early Alvin Ailey works, including “Revelations” prominently feature the shapes of Horton Technique.

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Suggested Attire

We encourage you to wear dance attire or comfortable clothing that you can easily move in so the teacher can see your body to make corrections. We suggest you don't wear shoes or socks, just bare feet.

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