Finis Jhung


“Trainer extraordinaire, he teaches ballet dancers why they do what they do."  -The New York Times

Finis Jhung is Korean-Scottish-English and began dancing in Honolulu when he was six years old. He has been teaching ballet in New York City since 1972. He has taught at all the major New York studios and at various festivals, workshops, and ballet competitions throughout the USA and Europe. He began his professional career with the Broadway, National and Hollywood versions of Flower Drum Song and then became a Soloist with The San Francisco and Joffrey Ballet Companies and a Principal Dancer with The Harkness Ballet of New York. He performed in Portugal, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Russia, Germany, Rumania, Greece, Italy, France, Monaco, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and countless cities in the United States including the White House. His teachers were Willam F. Christensen, Valentina Pereyaslavec, Vera Volkova, Stanley Williams, Erik Bruhn, Rosella Hightower, and David Howard. Finis Jhung has been the subject of numerous articles in national publications and most recently was profiled on CBS THIS MORNING. His life-long love of theatre and dance has led him to reevaluate ballet teaching and develop his own innovative teaching methods which make ballet easier to understand and do. He appears in more than forty-five of his own instructional videos, has produced eighteen music CDs for the ballet class, and written The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: A Guide for Teachers & Students. To learn more, visit FINISJHUNG.COM.

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