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Streams is an abstract exploration of bodies in space, danced to a percussion score by Miloslav Kabelac. This standout work was Alvin Ailey’s first full-length dance without a plot. A great success when it premiered in 1970, it was brought back into the active repertory in 2011 during Robert Battle’s inaugural season as artistic director, in homage to Ailey’s legacy and artistry.

The movement in Streams is a highly structured yet fluid compilation of solos, duets and group passages, built chiefly on diagonal lines, all reflecting the meditative mood of the score. Each section is inspired by a body of water, from gentle brook to turbulent ocean, representing the changing emotional tides within us. “It exposes its dancers and their technique in ways I find often heroic and beautiful,” proclaimed The New York Times.

This new production is dedicated to Patricia and Philip Laskawy for their long-standing commitment to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Performance Schedule & Tickets

There are no upcoming performances for this repertory piece.



Masazumi Chaya


Miloslav Kabelac ("Eight Inventions" Opus 45)


Chenault Spence

First Performance

World Premiere, 1970 -- Brooklyn, New York

Run Time

24 minutes


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