Bad Blood

About Bad Blood


Dancing at an extremely athletic and emotionally visceral level, Bad Blood, reveals the power and magnetic pull of courtship rites, ownership and sex. Brilliant and brutal at times, the seven dancers leapfrog over one another, hurl and fling themselves at each other, ending up in fierce and violent embraces. In this ballet, there is a desperate and futile search for connection through physical impact.


Performance Schedule & Tickets

There are no upcoming performances for this repertory piece.


Ulysses Dove


Masazumi Chaya


Laurie Anderson ("Gravity's Angel" and "Walking and Falling") and Peter Gabriel ("Excellent Birds")


Beverly Emmons

Original Costume and Set Design

Carol Vollet-Kingston

Set Recreation

Andy Jackness

First Performance

World Premiere, 1984 -- Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, Place des ArtsCompany Premiere, 1986 -- City Center, New York

Run Time

17 minutes


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